Best 5 Shiva Wall Sticker for House, Bike and Car 

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Spark the streets or a sacred area at home using these great Shiva wall stickers so that you will be blessed with prosperity, health, and peace! These are available in different styles that are used to display love for Shiva, the lord. Choose from images of powerful Shiva, his weapon Trishul (trident) and Damru (drum) or just the sacred syllable Om. You have your own faith vehicle, be it a car, bike, or house, and now you have a perfect Shiva sticker that will add some peaceful colors to it reflecting his blessings.

Top 5 Bhole Nath Sticker for House, Bike and Car 

Meditating Shiva Wall Sticker
1Our Pick
Meditating Shiva Wall Sticker for House Size – 45x58cm
  • Theme: Religion
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 10 x 450 x 580 Millimeter
Angry Mahadev Sticker
 Angry Mahadev Sticker for Living Room, Bedroom, Office
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 10 x 600 x 530 Millimeter
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Traditional
Mahadev Sticker for Bike
Mahakal Mahadev Sticker for Bike & Car 
  • Item Weight: ‎160 g
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 0.01 cm
  • Colour: White,Red
trishul shiva stickers
 Lord Mahadev Sticker for Car and Bikes 
  • Colour: White
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 30.5 x 30.5 Centimeters
  • Theme: Shiva

1. Meditating Shiva Wall Sticker for House Size – 45x58cm

Meditating Shiva Wall Sticker

Bring the peace of Lord Shiva into your home with this lovely meditating wall sticker! It measures 45x58cm, which means that it suits any room. It is a simple decal that gives a soothing image of meditating Lord Shiva and thus helps to bring about a soothing atmosphere while you pray or meditate. 

Highlighted Features

  • High quality, waterproof, durable stickers lasting 4-7 years
  • Easy application instructions for sticking on smooth surfaces
  • Vinyl stickers are temporary decor, some can be reused

2. Black Adiyogi Shiva Sticker for Wall Size – 49CM X 49CM 

Adiyogi Shiva Sticker

The ⁤big black Adiyogi Shiva wall sticker will fill your heart with peace and spiritual energy- use it for meditation! Dimension of 49 by 49 cm, the poster showcases an awe-inspiring image of Adiyogi Shiva in a striking black color. ⁤⁤Create a meditation, prayer or reflection area in your bedroom or office that will enable you to sense the divine presence of Lord Shiva in the room.⁤

Highlighted Features

  • Matte finish wall sticker
  • 49cm x 49cm size
  • Over 1000 designs to choose from
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3. Angry Mahadev Sticker for Living Room, Bedroom, Office

Angry Mahadev Sticker

Bring the energy of Shiva into your area and add an Mahadev stickers to your space! Displayed Shiva in his fierce form, ideal for those who find him symbolic in strength and inspiration. It is good for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, and it will be a stunning one of your interior when you choose it.

Highlighted Features

  • Multicolor stickers made of high quality waterproof material that lasts up to 4-7 years.
  • Size: 1 cm x 58 cm x 60 cm.
  • Easy application with cleaning, peeling, pasting and bubble elimination instructions.

4. Mahakal Mahadev Sticker for Bike & Car 

Mahadev Sticker for Bike

This Mahakal Mahadev Sticker for Bike and Car is perfect for to show your devotion in the streets of the city. The Stylish sticker is made up with Vinyl Material which makes it Easy to install just peel and stick exterior stickers. It is also waterproof, ensuring that it stays looking great even in harsh conditions. The vibrant colors and design of this sticker will surely make your vehicle stand out and showcase your love for Mahadev Mahakal. Get yours today and add a touch of spirituality to your ride!  

Highlighted Features

  • Stands out with great looks
  • Sticks on easily for a quick refresh
  • All at a wallet-friendly price

5. Lord Mahadev Sticker for Car and Bikes 

trishul shiva stickers

Show your devotion on the road with a Lord Mahadev sticker for your car or bike!  These vibrant stickers feature images of trishul shiva stickers, and this is a great way to express your faith while riding.  Crafted with long-lasting materials, these stickers will proudly display your devotion for years to come, rain or shine.  

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Highlighted Features

  • Show your devotion to Shiva with this cool car sticker!
  • High quality vinyl – lasts a long time and is easy to apply.
  • Sticks to any car window and looks great!


Deciding which a Shiva sticker to place on your house, bike, or car as decoration can be very challenging. Do not worry though, as this list provides you with a wonderful starting point! It goes without saying that you can always add the symbol of OM for peace or as complex as the Lord Shiva picture of your choice among an array of stickers for which the better choice depends solely on your personal manner of preferences. The variety of designs will ensure that you’ll find one that feels peaceful and calm, and will put a smile on your face everywhere you hang it on your wall.