5 Top Choice Pital/Brass Shivling for Home and Office 

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Need a feeling of positive energy for your residence and workplace? A perfect brass shivling might help! These idols embody Lord Shiva, a strong Hindu god distinguished by his strength and serenity. The installation of a brass shivling will certainly bring peace and inspiration into your space. Here, I give you my leading 5 brass shivlings, which will be your guide to the perfect brass shivling. 

5 Top Choice Brass Shivling for Home and Office 

Brass Shivling for Home
1Our Pick
Gold Colour Mini Brass Shivling for Puja and Office 
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5L x 4W x 5H Centimeters
  • Material: Brass
  • Theme: Shiva
Brass Shivling with Nandi
Medium Gold Colour Brass Shivling with Nandi
  • Colour: Gold
  • Style: Antique
  • Material: Brass
Pital Shivling with Sheshnag
Pital Shivling with Sheshnag Idols for Home or Office 
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5L x 4W x 8H Centimeters
  • Material: Brass
  • Theme: Shiva
Black Shivling with Brass Plate & Trishul 
  • Product Dimensions: 9L x 9W x 12H Centimeters
  • Special Feature: handmade
  • Material: Metal

1. Gold Colour Mini Brass Shivling for Puja and Office 

Brass Shivling for Home

A small, unique Shivling which you like for praying (worship) or at office is what you want to buy. All the rage this season, this yellow-colored mini Shivling made with brass is right for you to try! It’s like a piece of inner peace that you can fit in your pocket – ideal for decorating your home space or the office. The gold color makes it look like a bit of luxury, and its small size enables it to fit in any place where you want a piece of quiet.  

Highlighted Features

  • Mini brass Shivling for pooja (prayer)
  • Beautiful, traditional design with intricate details
  • Great for home puja room or as a gift

2. Medium Gold Colour Brass Shivling with Nandi 

Brass Shivling with Nandi

Elevate your puja space or business with an impressive medium-sized Shivling and Nandi set! The Nandi, crafted from brass in golden color, is powerful and majestic. It is a perfect duo with Lord Shiva, the worshipful form of the God. This is indeed a way of bringing about the aura of serenity but yet with the Hindu religion’s rich symbolism into your own space.

Highlighted Features

  • 8.5cm tall, 650 gram brass Shivling idol
  • 7.5cm tall, 610 gram brass Nandi idol
  • Great for home puja or as a gift 

3. Pital Shivling with Sheshnag Idols for Home or Office 

Pital Shivling with Sheshnag

Are you looking to achieve a relaxing, secure ambiance in your residence or workplace? The wonder of this thing is that you will be looking at a Pital Shivling with Sheshnag. This unique statue combines two powerful Hindu symbols: the Shivling: the representation of Lord Shiva, the god of transformation, and Sheshnag (Seshanaga): the cosmic serpent who is receptive and has a calming presence and is also considered to be the foundation of the universe. This wonderful piece of art would be a perfect match to create energy of the positive, and to bring a tranquil feel to the space.

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Highlighted Features

  • Beautiful handmade Shiva Lingam idol made of brass
  • 3 inches tall and comes in a glossy gold finish
  • Easy to clean with soft cloth or polish

4. 100% Pure Brass Shiva Lingam for Home and Office Decor

Brass Shiva Lingam

Spruce up your home or office with a touch of peace and Hinduism. This Shiva Lingam is a beautiful statue made from 100% brass. It stands for Lord Shiva – the God of creation and destruction who is worshiped as the most powerful one. This statue is a superb way to create an atmosphere of relaxation and motivation in your room. 

Highlighted Features

  • Small size (5 cm) for home, office or car
  • Made of brass with a golden finish
  • Brings peace and happiness

5. Black Shivling with Brass Plate & Trishul 


If you are looking for a Black Shivling with Brass Plate and Trishul, this one offers a special and powerful choice for your home puja or office space. The Shivling (a representation of Lord Shiva’s ability to transform) made of black stone is contrasted with the luster of a brass plate (the plate is used for worship) and a trident (Trishul) symbol. This sets up a harmonious and sacred visual effect.

Highlighted Features

  • Color: White, Brass – Golden
  • Weight: 10-15 grams approx
  • Height: Black Shivling 2 Inches (approx)


We’ve explored the beauty of five incomparable brass Shivlings, each minutely well crafted to evoke peace and inspiration at home or in the office. Either you would like a gold-colored mini idol, which is very classical and beautiful, or a black stone Shivling as a symbol of something incredibly powerful, then this post has tried to cover as many options as possible, which are very suitable for you. Let Lord Shiva, the one who reminds us of the power of rebirth and peace, live in your space through his brass Shivling. This will bring to the strength of his transformation within you and will give you the calmness that you need to help being reborn every day.