5 first-rate Lord Shiva Locket for both Men and Women 

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Express your faith with a beautiful, first-rate Lord Shiva locket. Crafted with care, these stunning lockets come in a variety of designs to suit both men and women’s styles.  Find a locket that reflects your taste, from simple and classic to elegantly detailed. Each locket keeps Lord Shiva close to your heart, reminding you of his blessings and guidance throughout the day. Wear your faith close and look great doing it with a first-rate Lord Shiva locket.

5 Lord Shiva Locket for both Men and Women 

1. Lord Shiva Rudraksha Shiva Locket/Pendant

Rudraksha Shiva Locket

Elevate your bond with Lord Shiva by purchasing one of a kind Rudraksha and Shiva pendant/locket. In Hinduism, Rudrakshas have high ritual value for their spiritual significance. Since centuries these seeds have been donned by the devotees and they are believed to bless peace, well being and good luck. The Shiva sign illustrated as a trident (Trishul) underlines his divine power and his ability to protect. When the locket/pendant is worn as a pair, it becomes a powerful and stylish icon depicting your devotion to the lord Shiva.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality, authentic 5 mukhi rudraksha mala
  • Bead size between 7 and 9 millimeters
  • Suitable for everyone to wear regardless of background
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2. Mahadev Mahakal Locket With Adjustable leather For Men And Women

Lord Shiva Locket

Show your devotion to Lord Shiva with a Mahakal locket! This exclusive necklace showcases the Mahakal Letters in Hindi and includes a premium flexible leather cord. Its comfortable design is suitable for both genders, allowing you to keep your faith nearby. 

Highlighted Features

  • Gold & Black pendant necklace, great for casual wear
  • Made of bronze & leather, approx 25 grams
  • Perfect gift for many occasions (Mahashivratri, Birthday etc.)

3.  Lord Shiva Om Trishul Damru Locket with Snake Chain

Trishul Damru Locket

Rock your devotion to Lord Mahadev with this locket! The pendant features his Trishul (trident), Damru (drum), and the sacred “Om” symbol, all hanging on a sleek snake chain. It’s a perfect way to keep your faith close wherever you go!

Highlighted Features

  • Brings good luck and protects from bad energy
  • Hang in the car, home, or office for positive vibes.
  • Beautiful decoration for cars, homes, or gardens.

4. Lord Shiv Bolenath Adiyogi Locket With Stainless Steel Chain 

Bolenath Adiyogi Locket

Show your devotion to Lord Shiva with this special locket! Here, the image of Lord Shiva in his Adiyogi form is of vital significance, representing the first yogi. This pendant is crafted of the strongest and most durable stainless steel element and attached with a chain, which matches the tone of the pendant. Bring the locket near your heart and carry your creed with you always.

Highlighted Features

  • Silver zinc metal pendant, 20mm wide and 40mm tall with 22 inch chain.
  • Nickel and lead free, good for people with sensitive skin.
  • Won’t fade or tarnish, great gift for any occasion.
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5. God Shiva Nataraja locket for Men and Women 

Shiva Nataraja locket

Allow your inner strength and beauty to blossom with the natural elegance and power of a Shiva Nataraja locket. This was a striking pendant which had the spirit of Lord Shiva as he danced the cosmic dance. This locket has designs for both men and women and facilitates association with divinity and refers to the native nexus of Shiva.

Highlighted Features

  • 92.5% Sterling Silver: This means the jewelry is made of mostly silver with a small amount of other metals for strength.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable: This means the jewelry is easy to wear and won’t irritate your skin.
  • Trusted Brand: This means the jewelry is made by a company with a good reputation.


Whether you are trying to shop for a divinity symbol of devotion or you just need to remind yourself of Shiva’s cosmic dance, there is a qualitative locket that is tailored to your needs. We present our collection giving you an option to choose from a series of styles that sync well with both genders thus ensuring that you find a piece that is perfect for you and your spiritual voyage. Each locket will play a vital role in ensuring that Lord Shiva sticks to your heart so that you keep your faith and spirituality within yourself.